What are these digital badges?:

They are portrait commissions based on your World of Warcraft characters with class frames that I created, but if you are interested I can make a custom frame for you. When you make the order, you will receive:

  • A high-quality portrait of your character without the frame class.
  • A high-quality portrait of your character with the frame class.
  • (Optional) A little version of the badge prepared to print it yourself. (10 x 12 cm. / 4" x 5")


The base price for the badges is 45€.

  • The price can change if you want to add extras such as pets, additional characters, weapons... etc.

Customs frames prices are 55€.

Death Knight frame:

Demon Hunter frame:

Druid frame:

Hunter frame:

Mage frame:

Monk frame:

Paladin frame:

Priest frame:

Rogue frame:

Shaman frame:

Warlock frame:

Warrior frame:



Commission info


1. When I open the commissions, you need to fill up this order:  ORDER FORM

2. I can draw anthros and animals.

3. I only accept Pay-pal payments at the moment.

4. The payment will be sent when I make the sketch of the drawing and I show you.

5. Fell free to ask me to change some details on the final drawing if I forgot something.

6. Commissions are only for NON COMMERCIAL USE. You have not the rights to copy, reproduce or sell my artwork.

7. If you want to use your commission on forums, websites or blogs, please ask me and credit me.

8. Commissions are sent in high resolution (300dpi) on .png format, if you need it in another format, please tell me.

9. Commissions can take time, so please be patient.


Commission Process:


When I've accepted your commission, I'll send you an e-mail and I let you know the estimated price and your number in the list for the month. I'll try to make an estimate the time when I could start with your commission. You need to re-mail me to let me know you agreed with the price and to reserve your slot.

Later when I start to work on your commission, I will send you a sketch so you can approve it, then you can make the payment. Please be aware that when I start with your work, I will probably need to be in contact with you if I have some questions, so please stay tuned to your email.