Hello, my name is Rocío, but I'm more comfortable with Rossë. I'm a self-taught digital artist, born in Spain, but I've been living on North Ireland and Scotland

I'm the artist leader from a fansite of World of Warcraft from Latin America named "Pastando en Mulgore" since 2010, and making personal commissions since the same year.

My big passion is draw about videogames, epic fantasy, mythology and also fairy tales. I've been working very hard to improve myself and thanks to the support of friends and family, I finally feel I'm in the right direction.



How did you learn to draw?

I'm more like a self-taught artist, I learn by tutorials, streams, photo references, anatomy poses, and a lot of practice. I would love to take some digital art classes but for now I'm on my own.

What are your tools to draw?

Software: I mostly use for my drawings Paintool SAI and for the final details a little of Photoshop. I want to learn how to use Manga Studio, so I will probably give a try someday.

Hardware: I use an old Wacom intuos 2

Can you teach me to draw?

Sorry, but I don't feel prepared to do such thing, I think that it is a very personal matter and don't want to influence or teach something on the wrong way. I'm still learning about many things about drawing so keep that in mind. 

Where I can see more of your works?

You can see most of works on my website or on my DeviantArt gallery

Can I have free drawings?

I don't do works for "exposure", for "free" or for "credit". That kind of "money" doesn't pay the bills. But I do regularly some giveaways on my social media to thank all my followers and their support.